Neonatology to geriatric care, 81 sub-specialities will be available at Amrita Hospital: Dr Sanjeev Singh

Aug 22, 2022

Faridabad (Haryana), Aug 22 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to launch a new private hospital of 2,600 beds on August 24. Medical Director of Amrita Hospital Dr Sanjeev K Singh said that the hospital will have close to 81 sub specialities. “This is a 2,600 bed largest private hospital with close to 81 sub specialities in the country. This is very exclusive because the advancement in adult medicine has taken place quite naturally and there are lots of competent skilled, advanced medicine, adult medicine doctors who are available. We are investing very highly on paediatric care, paediatric super speciality care, so, that includes paediatric nephrology, urology, paediatric cardiology, Cardiovascular Sciences, paediatric neurosurgery, paediatric neurology, this kind of exclusivity of paediatric doesn't exist,” said Dr Sanjeev. “Cutting-edge medical research will be a strong thrust area, with a dedicated research block spread across 7-floor building totalling 3 lakh square feet, so, we have built up a three lakh square feet of research block which is a seven story building, which will have house animal lab, bio repository where all tissues will be stored in a nitrogen bank. It will have a big electron microscope which will bring in very advanced microscopic based investigation. We have on a first floor a good manufacturing practices labs, a lot of cell lines would come from patients who are ill. We will manufacture it under the regulatory condition which would adhere to all the GMP facility which is required, it will be again an accredited lab,” added Dr Sanjeev.