U.S. California to provide India supplies to combat COVID-19 outbreak

U.S. California to provide India supplies to combat COVID-19 outbreak

Apr 28, 2021

Los Angeles (US), April 28: Some medical supplies would be flown out from California Governor's Office of Emergency Services to India as soon as Tuesday in order to help the country to combat a devastating and fast-spreading surge of COVID-19.
According to a press release from the Office of California Governor Gavin Newsom on Monday night, the supplies include 275 oxygen concentrators, 440 oxygen cylinders, 240 oxygen regulators, 210 pulse oximeters and one deployable oxygen concentrator system, which were all being tested, packed and prepared for shipment at state warehouse facilities.
"When communities across the world need help, California steps up. As we surpass 28 million vaccinations and continue to see the lowest positivity rates in the country, we must meet this moment with compassion by aiding those that are hardest hit by this pandemic," the press release read.
"Everyone deserves quality medical treatment against this terrible disease, and California will answer the call and provide aid to the people of India who so desperately need it," it said, adding that besides these needed supplies to India, the Golden State maintains a robust stockpile to rapidly respond to any additional outbreaks that may occur within the state.
Previously, California loaned ventilators to other U.S. states of Michigan, New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Maryland, Nevada and Delaware and also sent millions of items of personal protective equipment to neighboring states along the West Coast.
Source: Xinhua