SOP writing services helping students in university & visa applications

SOP writing services helping students in university & visa applications

Mar 01, 2021

New Delhi [India], March 1 (ANI/SRV Media): The demand for global education in India and Asia has been increasing leaps and bound and according to data shared by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), there were more than one million students from India who are studying abroad till July 2019.
Of all of the study abroad applications from India, approximately 10 to 12 per cent are for undergraduate programs and the rest of them are from various masters and doctoral programs.
Securing admission in a reputed college in countries like Canada, Australia, UK and US, etc. is a tough task and most of them ask for a statement of purpose (SOP) or a personal statement. This statement is such a vital document that even a top-scoring student may get rejected by the admissions committee if their personal statement or SOP is not in line with the proposed plan of studies.
The Statement of Purpose is asked by all the premium colleges and universities but they may have different names, guidelines and word count. Many of the foreign universities ask for SOP statements by these terms as well - Personal Statement, Letter of Intent, Motivation Letter, Personal Narrative, Goals Statement, or Admission Essay.
After the college application is submitted, the next big hurdle for students is getting a student visa, which again requires a statement of purpose, usually called VISA SOP. The visa refusal rate has increased a lot in the last few years because of the surge in demand to study abroad. Every year from India, more than 300 thousand students travel to different countries for higher education and Canada is on the top of the lists among them.
Canadian Study Permit norms have become stricter than before due to increasing applications and thus rejection rates have gone higher. Visa SOP plays a very important role here as well, even after fulfilling the eligibility and submitting the required fee and deposits.
"The number of increasing refusal cases have two main reasons, the first is that the norms have become strict and the second one is the negligence of education and visa consultants, who don't give enough value to SOP. Most of the agents here have fixed SOP templates and they use the same content for every application by just changing the name and other specific details," said Suneet Kumar Singh, Founder of India's leading academic writing agency, Contentholic.
Some pro-tips offered by the team at Contentholic professionals are both simple to remember and extremely effective while writing a winning SOP. According to the experienced team, it is always beneficial, to be honest, than to create stories while also keeping in mind to never exaggerate. As a resume is already shared with the application, it is better to omit what is already mentioned in it.
Additionally, it is always better to include course-relevant content or experiences while remembering to be specific and not beat around the bush. In terms of grammar, always write in the active voice and proofreading multiple times only refines it more. Before submitting the SOP, the candidate should perform a thorough plagiarism check as it is an important aspect.
Though there can be no other person who can actually write better than you about your own profile, many are not great at selecting the rights words, even if they have to write about their own self. If in doubt, do take professional assistance from experienced SOP writers and avoid taking the help of someone who does not have relevant experience. You can search on Google for sop writing services and you will get many SOP writers who can help you with your SOP.
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