Russia's Prigozhin Ready to Help Navalny Crack Down on Abusers of His YouTube Channel

Russia's Prigozhin Ready to Help Navalny Crack Down on Abusers of His YouTube Channel

Apr 06, 2021

Moscow (Russia), April 6: Lawyers of Russian businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin are willing to help opposition figure Alexei Navalny bring to justice those who call for extremism and engage in defamatory activities using his name on the Navalny LIVE YouTube channel, the media mogul's company Concord said on Monday.
This past Tuesday, a Moscow district court held a hearing in the defamation case against Navalny and his ally, Vladimir Milov, over offensive statements against Prigozhin broadcast on Navalny LIVE.
Later that day, the businessman dropped one of the defamation lawsuits against the blogger. Prigozhin's press service argued that during court sessions,
Navalny's defense team "has repeatedly stated, being very serious about it, that the client has nothing to do with this channel."
"Concord's legal team informs that it has sent Alexey Navalny an offer to assist in the crackdown of illegal actions against him ... Since Navalny admitted that the YouTube channel did not belong to him, the plaintiff decided to drop the lawsuit against him, as well as provide assistance in bringing to justice those who use [Navalny's] name for personal gains, defamation and publicly call for extremist actions on Navalny Live channel," Concord wrote on its VK page.
Last October, Prigozhin's lawyers began filing a series of lawsuits against Navalny and his allies - Lyubov Sobol, Leonid Volkov, Maksim Shevchenko and Milov - in a bid to "protect his honor and dignity." The businessman sought to receive five million rubles ($65,700) in moral damages from Navalny and Milov.
His legal team has now brought a case against the latter demanding 10 million rubles as compensation for moral damage.
Source: Sputnik