Russia busts hacker group on U.S. tip-off

Russia busts hacker group on U.S. tip-off

Jan 15, 2022

Moscow (Russia), January 15: The Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) said on Friday that it has detained a group of hackers for large-scale thefts, after Russian law enforcers were tipped off by U.S. counterparts.
The FSB in cooperation with the Russian Interior Ministry suppressed the illegal activities of the REvil criminal group in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other places, the agency said in a statement.
The perpetrators had developed malicious software and used it to steal money from bank accounts of foreigners, it added.
According to the statement, more than 426 million rubles (over 5.5 million U.S. dollars), 600,000 U.S. dollars, 500,000 euros (around 570,000 U.S. dollars) and 20 premium cars were seized at the residences of 14 members of the group.
Source: Xinhua