Influencer and content creator community in India grows stronger with India Influencers Summit & Awards

Influencer and content creator community in India grows stronger with India Influencers Summit & Awards

Jan 31, 2023

New Delhi [India], January 31 (ANI/PNN): The inaugural edition of the India Influencers Summit & Awards, presented by Smart Home Expo 2023 and organized by World Media and Expo, took place on January 19th at MCA, BKC. The event brought together over 150 influencers and content creators from various industries, including automobiles, digital revolution, entertainment, food, fashion, lifestyle, beauty and finance. The event was made possible through the support of Monetization Partner -, Networking Partner - Outer Network, and gifting partners Suffderma and Nuturio. These partners played a crucial role in making the event a success.
Participants had the opportunity to network, learn, share experiences, and build their online personal brand. The event featured a diverse lineup of curated speakers, each sharing their unique experiences and insights on building a successful personal brand, engaging with the audience, and monetizing content.
The India Influencers Summit & Awards 2023 featured the following speaker and their respective agenda starts with Faisal Khan for "Organically developing the brand 'You'", Vivek Bhargava for "The Evolution of Influencers - Past, Present & Future", Madhura Bachal for "The Path towards Joining the Millions Club", Ekta Chaudhary for "When and how do you create your personal consumer brand?", Simran Dhanwani for "The Endgame: From Script to Screen", Akash Dodeja for "Content is king- producing engaging content that your audience appreciate", Satish Kataria for "Monetize your Content through NFTs", Aadil Khan for "The Art of Collaboration: Forging Deep Connections with the Industry", Anant Ladha for "Choosing the most suitable platform for your influencer journey" and Ekta Chaudhary for "Monetization: The end goal for a financially viable journey"
These speakers shared their experiences and insights on building a successful personal brand, engaging with the audience, and monetizing content.

In addition to the informative sessions, the India Influencers Summit & Awards 2022 also provided an excellent opportunity for networking among the participants. The event included a networking lunch, which gave influencers and content creators the chance to connect with one another and exchange ideas in a more relaxed and informal setting. It was an ideal platform for building valuable connections with peers and industry leaders, which can help to further the careers of the participants. The networking lunch was a great addition to the event, providing an opportunity for the participants to connect, learn and grow together.
The curators of the India Influencers Summit & Awards had a clear goal in mind: to provide influencers with the tools and resources they need to grow and diversify their income streams. They recognized that building a successful personal brand and engaging with an audience is only one aspect of being an influencer. In order to make a sustainable living, influencers also need to find ways to monetize their content and channel.
To that end, the curators set up ancillary business opportunities for influencers to explore. These opportunities included different ways to monetize their content, such as through sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, and merchandise sales. They also provided support services to help influencers navigate these new opportunities and make the most of them. They aimed to empower influencers to take control of their careers and build sustainable, successful businesses.
The India Influencers Summit & Awards 2023 also featured an award show, recognizing and honoring the achievements of influencers and content creators in various categories. The awardees were selected based on their outstanding contributions to the industry and their ability to engage and connect with their audience.
The awardees included WOODPECKER MEDIA, who won the "Emerging Influencer Marketing Agency" award, STUTI AGARWAL and HARSH & HETVI, both who won the "Emerging Influencer" award, PRABLEEN KAUR BHOMRAH, who won the "Best Skin Care Influencer" award, SANJANA KARIA, who won the "Best Content Creator" award, KRISHMA SHAH, who won the "Best Fashion Influencer" award, RICHA TIWARI and CHEF ANANYA BANERJEE, who both won the "Best Food Influencer" award, POOJA PATEL, who won the "Best Finance Influencer" award, PREETJYOT KAUR, who won the "Best Motivational Influencer" award, DIKSHA ARORA, who won the "Best Educational Influencer" award, SACHIN SONI, who won the "Best Tech Influencer" award, AJMAL SHAIKH, who won the "Best Travel Influencer" award, SIMRAN VALECHA, who won the "Best Health & Fitness Influencer" award, AANCHAL AGRAWAL, who won the "Best Entertainment Influencer" award, JAGDEEP SINGH GILL, who won the "Best Influencer Engagement" award, NAVEEN SINGH, who won the "Best Mega Influencer (1 million+)" award, DR. RITU SINGH YALAGI, who won the "Best Mid-Tier Influencer (50K - 500K)" award, KRISHA AVLANI, who won the "Best Micro Influencer (10K - 50K)" award, DR. ASHLESHA MAHAGAONKAR, who won the "Best Nano Influencer ( 1K - 10K)" award, NIKHIL SHARMA, who won the "Best Travel Influencer - YouTube" award, SANJYOT KEER, who won the "Best Cooking Channel - YouTube" award, MUSKAN CHANCHLANI, who won the "Best Fashion & Beauty Influencer - Youtube" award, ABHIRAJ RAJADHYAKSHA AND NIYATI MAVINKURVE, who won the "Best Content Creator - YouTube" award and SHIVANI KAPILA, who won the "Best Vlogger Influencer" award
These awardees represented the best of the best in their respective categories and were recognized for their exceptional contributions.
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