Gauri Khan's First Restaurant 'Torii' - Redefines the Fine Dining Experience

Gauri Khan's First Restaurant 'Torii' - Redefines the Fine Dining Experience

Feb 21, 2024

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], February 21: Celebrity Interior Designer Gauri Khan has launched her first restaurant, Torii. A progressive Asian restaurant that seamlessly blends global Asian influences, Torii is designed to be an immersive, experiential space with an exciting menu and a technique-driven, yet playful bar program. Gauri has launched the restaurant along with restaurateur Abhayraj Kohli (Managing Director of the Pritam Group) and entrepreneur Tanaaz Bhatia (Founder and Director of Bottomline Media Pvt. Ltd.).
Having designed several restaurants in Mumbai and Pune, Gauri has now effortlessly forayed into her first hospitality venture with this distinctive new space. The restaurant, aptly named 'Torii,' whose actual meaning in Japanese is a 'traditional Japanese gate most commonly found at the entrance of a Shinto shrine,' now serves as the doorway to a culinary haven in its new avatar. The design reflects a forward-thinking approach to Asian cuisine, creating a contemporary and dynamic atmosphere that caters to diverse tastes.
Says Gauri, "Once I began designing restaurants it got me thinking how I could be more involved in this industry which I find exciting. With Torii, Abhayraj, Tanaaz and I wanted to create a sophisticated, and glamourous restaurant & bar where quality is seen in everything from the food to the drinks and of course, the design."
Striking Design
Gauri Khan's design ingeniously balances the indoor and outdoor spaces found at Torii, creating a seamless fluidity that enhances the overall dining experience. Her distinctive design aesthetic shines through in the restaurant's color palette. A combination of gold, black, and white, accented with touches of red and green, creates a visually stunning space. Her signature style is that of restrained glamour, creating highly sophisticated interiors which are welcoming and warm.
As guests arrive, they are greeted by a large, statement door in dark green, framed in backlit black and white onyx. This sets the tone for the high-octane glamour that awaits. A dedicated bar, complete in back-painted green glass with brass accents and a back-lit onyx floor is destined to become the city's newest hot spot. The al fresco dining area features seating in black and grey print fabric, back-painted green glass table tops, and brushed brass accents that add an additional element of sophistication. An abundance of greenery and large mirrors strategically placed in the al fresco courtyard and beyond, add a touch of elegance while reflecting the beauty of the surroundings.
Inside, the restaurant features banquettes in red houndstooth, which perfectly complement the back-painted red dining tables. The interiors feel like a perfectly crafted jewel box, with a mirrored ceiling, fluted glass windows, brushed bronze accents and shiny red and green tables and bar fronts. Custom-made, abstract art completes the look. A meticulously crafted sushi counter (designed to seat five guests) has pride of place, and allows diners to witness the culinary artistry up close. The design of the sushi counter reflects Gauri's commitment to creating immersive dining spaces that elevate the overall experience for guests.
An additional element of fun has been woven into the dining experience - as guests are seated, they're presented with tarot cards, designed to 'predict the future of the meal' based on what card they pick. This lends an element of engagement and interactivity from the get-go, allowing guests to get more involved in their dining experience.
A Culinary Adventure
Torii's exciting new menu is crafted by Chef Stefan Gadit, offering dishes influenced by his background and thoroughly global approach to cuisine. Chef Gadit and his team take diners on a culinary adventure, treating taste buds to a smorgasbord of flavours. Here, ingredients are the hero: a selection of fresh Nigiri Sushi & Sashimi including Chu Toro; and Saba (mackerel); Maki Rolls featuring the Dirty Truffle (avocado, crispy shimeji and truffle mayo); and the Dirty Torii (tuna, salmon, Hamachi, mirin, truffle mayo); and Signature Cold Dishes offering a number of carpaccio's, begin the meal on a high note. Salads and Snacks & Tempura like the indulgent Jacket Potato with truffle, crisps and shiso butter; flavourful Tenderloin Sliders, aged cheddar, truffled mayo, bao bun; and Enoki Mushroom Tempura, seaweed wrap, spicy mayo, bang bang dip are an ideal complement and serve as great sharing plates.
From the Charcoal Grill, guests can sample dishes like Yakiniku Baby Corn, whipped feta, pickled onions, truffle popcorn; the rich flavours of Caramelized Pork Belly, char sui sauce, leeks and Nam Jim; and Shrimp Kushiyaki, gochujang, furikake and shrimp chips.
Torii's Signature Dishes offer picks like Yakinuku Lobster, herbed seaweed butter and charred Italian lemon; the comforting Truffle Mushroom Ramen, bamboo shoots, bok choy and corn; and for those looking for a heartier option, Torii Steak & Chips, 8 oz tenderloin (buff), black garlic butter, and chimichurri.
A variety of Dim Sum, including some unusual picks such as Jalapeno Cottage Cheese Mushi Gyoza with coriander and fresh red chillies; and Thai Chicken Myushi Gyoza with lemon grass, galangal, red chili and basil, is ideal to snack on and share. A hearty range of Wok offerings includes Torii Hand-Made Noodles with bell peppers, Chinese cabbage, carrot and bok choy; Sea Bass with XO sauce, wood ear mushrooms and scallions; and Cottage Cheese & Snow Pea with Thai chili, spinach and coriander.
A delectable selection of Desserts offers options like Yuzu Mielle Feuille, orange cream, orange salad and puff pastry; Shibuya Toast, creme Chantilly, honey ice cream and macerated berries; and The Tropics, coconut panna cotta, mango jelly, pineapple and passion fruit sorbet.
Torii, co-owned and designed by Gauri Khan, is not just a restaurant; it's a symphony of design elements that come together to create a harmonious space. With its progressive Asian cuisine, versatile layout, and signature aesthetic, Torii stands as a testament to Gauri Khan's ability to transform spaces into unforgettable experiences.
21, Pali Hill Road
Union Park
Khar (West)
Mumbai - 400052
Hours of Operation: 7:00 pm to 1:00 am, Tuesday - Sunday
Mondays Closed
Telephone number: +91 98333 73888 / +91 98205 67679
Instagram: @torimumbai
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