Biden to address U.S. Congress on eve of his 100th day in office

Biden to address U.S. Congress on eve of his 100th day in office

Apr 29, 2021

Washington (US), April 29: U.S. President Joe Biden is ready to make his first joint address to Congress on Wednesday night, on the eve of his 100th day in office.
The president is expected to use the address as a chance to boost his 2.3-trillion-U.S.-dollar infrastructure proposal and his newly unveiled American Families Plan focusing on child care and education largely paid for by higher taxes on wealthy Americans, according to media reports.
The address will also allow Biden to tout his achievements such as pushing his 1.9-trillion-dollar coronavirus relief package through Congress and getting 200 million coronavirus vaccine shots within his first 100 days.
White House press secretary Jen Psaki said at a briefing on Tuesday that the American Families Plan would be the major policy focus of the address while the president would also discuss immigration, gun safety, coronavirus, and police reform.
"Nearly 100 days ago, when you took the oath of office, you pledged in a spirit of great hope that 'Help Is On The Way.' Now, because of your historic and transformative leadership, Help Is Here!" House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wrote in an invitation letter earlier this month.
Only 200 people are expected to attend the event in a locked-down Capitol, instead of the usual 1,600, due to strict security and health restrictions, media reported, adding that Chief Justice John Roberts will be the lone member of the Supreme Court on hand.
The address has been delayed for months. Newly inaugurated presidents typically make their first address to Congress within weeks of taking office, but Biden has not done so due to the COVID-19 pandemic, said media reports.
Source: Xinhua