UN chief: No action on reimposing Iran sanctions

UN chief: No action on reimposing Iran sanctions

Sep 21, 2020

New York (USA), September 21: The United Nations chief has indicated that his organization will not take action to revive sanctions against Iran based on a US declaration, due to existing uncertainty.
UN diplomatic sources say that Secretary-General Antonio Guterres sent a letter to the council saying "there would appear to be uncertainty" on the issue.
The administration of US President Donald Trump declared that a process had been initiated at the Security Council to restore, on September 19, UN sanctions on Iran.
This would also call for a continuation of an arms embargo on Tehran.
Many of the council members take the stance that Washington's move is void because the US has pulled out of a 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and world powers.
Guterres noted in the letter, "It is not for the Secretary-General to proceed as if no such uncertainty exists."
He said that while clarification by the Security Council on the status of the Iran sanctions is pending, he would not provide support, such as appointing a panel of experts to monitor the implementation.
Source: NHK World