Tekashi 6ix9ine claims Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber bought Billboard No. 1 slot, pop stars respond

Tekashi 6ix9ine claims Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber bought Billboard No. 1 slot, pop stars respond

May 19, 2020

California (USA) May 19: Tensions are high between rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine and pop stars Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber.
On May 8, Tekashi, real name Daniel Hernandez, returned to the music business by releasing "Gooba," his first song since his recent incarceration.
Grande and Bieber also released their collaboration, "Stuck with U," on the same day, pitting the two songs against each other for that week's Billboard No. 1 slot.
As Grande captured on her Instagram, "Stuck with U" debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard charts while "Gooba" hit No. 3. Meanwhile, Doja Cat's "Say So" remix with Nicki Minaj took the No. 2 slot.
On Friday, a video was shared online of Hernandez, 24, claiming that the numbers were faked because his song was streamed more than any others by "a landslide."
He referenced a forecast that major record labels receive before the publication of the Billboard charts. The message put "Say So" at No. 1, "Gooba" at No. 2 and "Stuck with U" at No. 5.
Hernandez alleged that at the "last second," Grande, 26, submitted 60,000 units "out of nowhere," which he called "completely illegal." He also insinuated that she and Bieber, 26, purchased their No. 1 spot.
Per E! News, Hernandez also announced that his team had launched an "investigation," allegedly finding that "six credit cards" had been used to purchase 30,000 units of "Stuck with U," and that Billboard declined to share information about who the six cards were linked to.
On Monday, Grande took to Instagram to refute the claims in a lengthy post, sharing a screenshot of the Billboard charts with "Stuck with U" at No. 1.
Grande began by thanking her fans for their support and explaining that having No. 1 songs isn't a priority for her before diving into her defense.
"My fans bought the song. JUSTIN'S fans bought the song. OUR fans bought this song (never more than four copies each, AS THE RULES STATE). they are ride or die motherf--kers and i thank god every day that i have them in my life," Grande wrote in the caption. "...sales count for more than streams. u can not discredit this as hard as u try. to anybody that is displeased with their placement on the chart this week or who is spending their time racking their brain thinking of as many ways as they can to discredit hardworking women (and only the women for some reason.....), i ask u to take a moment to humble yourself. be grateful you're even here. that people want to listen to u at all. it's a blessed position to be in."
The singer then offered "congratulations" to her "talented a-- peers" that made the top 10 for the week, "even number 3."
Bieber shared a similar message on his Instagram Story on Monday.
His message began by explaining that streams do count toward chart positions, but that his high streaming numbers came from a global count, while Billboard tracks domestic numbers.
"60,000 units came because we don't disclose our numbers until end of week," Bieber wrote. "That's called strategy."
He then addressed Hernandez's claims regarding the 30,000 units purchased by six credit cards, calling them "a lie."
"The rules are clear one credit card can buy max 4 copies. Anything over that the entire amount gets thrown out," Bieber said. "Neilsen company checks this and found all our sales were legit because our fans are amazing and bought them. Don't discredit our fan base with false info."
Bieber also pointed out that Hernandez seemed to target Grande in his accusations, leaving Bieber, who shares credit for the song, out of the conversation.
"This is my song with Ariana Grande and I'm honored to work with her ..." Bieber concluded. "If you gonna say her name make sure you say mine because it's our song."
"Stuck with U" served as a fundraiser, with "at least $0.80 from each sale of the track" being donated to First Responders Children's Foundation, according to iTunes.
Source: Fox News