Obama: Vote and protest to achieve real change

Obama: Vote and protest to achieve real change

Jun 04, 2020

Washington DC (USA), June 4: Former US president Barack Obama has urged Americans to use both voting and protests to bring about real change.
Obama was speaking at an online event on Wednesday, in his first on-camera comments on the nationwide protests that have followed the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.
He drew parallels with the civil rights movement led by Martin Luther King Jr. and other African-Americans in the 1960s. Obama said the current protests enjoy broader support, including people of various ethnicities, and that a change in mindset is taking place.
Referring to online discussions about voting versus protests, he said it was "not an either-or" decision, and that both were required to achieve change. He called on people to voice their problems using protests, and then resolve them politically.
Source: NHK World