Hailey Baldwin's wedding dress has some fans convinced there's a typo on it

Hailey Baldwin's wedding dress has some fans convinced there's a typo on it

Oct 09, 2019

South Carolina (USA) Oct 09: Justin Bieber and his new bride Hailey Baldwin shared official photos from their special wedding day last week, however, fans and critics of the young couple couldn't help but point out what seemed to be a glaring mistake on Baldwin's dress.
The 22-year-old "Drop the Mic" host and model posted the beautiful black and white snaps to Instagram on Monday, and for the first time, showcased the train and lengthy customized veil, which incorporated the couple's vows.
While Baldwin's personalized veil features the designer's signature quotation mark logo, many were quick to point out that there may be a glaring misprint on the bold capitalized letters, "Till death do us part."
"Wait.isn't 'till' spelled incorrectly? Isn't it 'til'?" wrote one in the comments, according to Heart.
"Cute idea, but it's too bad to see a typo on the veil" added another.
"There's a grammatical error on your train, girl," stated one person.
Though it didn't take long before others chimed in to note that the spelling of 'till' with two 'l's is actually correct.
"No, there is not a typo on Hailey Bieber's wedding dress. That's not an apostrophe before 'TILL' - it's a quote mark, and there's a second one at the end of the phrase," wrote Gibson Johns, an editor for AOL Entertainment, his bio reads. "It's the designer Virgil Abloh's *thing.* "TILL" is an acceptable shortening of 'UNTIL.' That is all."
Another Twitter user echoed Johns' sentiment and also jumped in to defend Hollywood's newest married A-list couple.
"Because Till is the correct form, it's a word, not an abbreviation of Until, they mean the same thing, 'Til is an abbreviation but not grammatically correct."
Abloh posted Instagram snapshots of the bride wearing his creation, which he captioned, "when @haileybieber asks if you want to design a wedding dress... that's a "yes" too. love you guys since time, for time." He also shared a rough sketch of the dress design, which Baldwin helped co-designed.
The Biebers, who legally tied the knot in September 2018, celebrated their wedding ceremony at the Somerset Chapel in South Carolina on September 30 of this year.
Source: Fox News