Chinese airlines to be barred from flying to US

Chinese airlines to be barred from flying to US

Jun 04, 2020

Washington DC (USA), June 4: US aviation authorities have announced plans to ban Chinese air carriers from flying to and from the United States.
The United States says the measure is in retaliation for China's refusal to allow US airlines to resume flights to the country.
Following the spread of the new coronavirus, US air carriers suspended all flights connecting the United States and China. But four Chinese airlines, including Air China and China Eastern Airlines, continue to fly some round-trip flights to the country.
The Transportation Department on Wednesday announced Chinese passenger carriers will be barred from flying to the United States starting on June 16.
The department says China has turned down requests by US carriers to resume flights to China starting early June.
It says as of early January, there were 325 passenger flights a week between the two countries.
The latest ban will severely restrict movements between residents of the two countries.
The department has hinted at the possibility President Donald Trump may put the order into effect before June 16.
Source: NHK World