Barbers defy lockdown in US

Barbers defy lockdown in US

May 22, 2020

Washington DC (USA), May 22: Small business owners in the US are pushing to get back to work. Some in the state of Michigan say the lockdown has gone on too long. So, they marched to their state capitol, with scissors in hand.
"I need to be able to provide for myself and for my family," said salon owner Rachael Sheeran.
She was one of hundreds of barbers and stylists who defied the state lockdown and took their frustrations to the capitol.
The demonstrators came armed with the usual signs of protest and the tools of their trade. They offered free haircuts to their supporters, groomed pets, and even gave a massage or two.
"They've been unable to feed their families, support themselves, pay their mortgages, pay for their cars," said Matt Seely, from the Michigan Conservative Coalition.
Police fined a number of people for disorderly conduct.
But the protesters kept at it.
They were inspired by Karl Manke, a barber who reopened his shop earlier this month before the state shut it down.
"It's gotten to the point now where somebody can take my license without a hearing, just take it,"Manke said. "That's a police state."
But the lockdown orders in most states prevent barbers from seeing any customers.
Many Americans have taken to cutting their own hair. Ordering what they need can take weeks.
Barbershop owner Adam Reyes says his biggest concern isn't whether his own business will survive.
"It's more so like, how is this really going to impact my industry?" he says.
Like many barbers, he can't wait to see his clients again.
But they wonder when that will be, in a business where you're just inches away.
Source: NHK World